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The Distribution system is a wide network consisting of different distribution lines spread over thousands of kms over both urban and rural areas. These distribution lines pass through terrains of varying nature like hilly, plain, forest and wetlands and sometimes these lines pass through densely populated areas or forest areas.

These lines need to be inspected on a regular basis for maintaining high standards of availability and for maintaining clearances as per regulations. A minimum clearance for vegetation is required in the corridor to prevent flashover or any kind of problems. Further regular monitoring of these lines including hardware parts for overloading/ loose contacts is required for preventing inadvertent failures and breakdowns for ensuring continuity of power supply, power quality and customer satisfaction.


  • At present, line survey is carried out through manual intervention like walk-over survey and through manual monitoring and these methods are only SOS based, very tedious and time-consuming.

  • Thus, routine maintenance is not proper and prone to errors.

  • Moreover, there is no practice of having predictive maintenance which is very essential for ensuring reliable and secure power supply.

  • It is imperative that technological innovations currently available must be adopted by Utilities for enhancement and to increase efficiency in the maintenance management field.