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  • Drones are customized and deployed as per the industry

  • Drones are equipped with advanced sensors and cameras

  • Service team ensures safe data collection in any kind of environment/weather conditions

  • Our highly skilled pilots and technicians ensure right data collection for huge areas/plants without causing any downtime or interruption of operations

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  • Data is analyzed by our advanced image processing algorithms

  • We provide the best accuracy for data size ranging from low to huge 

  • Advanced image processing algorithms enable us to analyze each and every pixel data to provide recommendations/measures for preemptive actions

  • Custom analysis of data according to client requirements is also integrated to ensure we meet expectations

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  • Outputs are delivered in a readable format

  • Outputs are compatible with conventional software for easy planning/data modification

  • Our delivery is proven to be 80% faster and reliable than traditional techniques

  • Quality reports are delivered along with outputs to ensure data quality meets the standards

Solutions We Provide

Solar PV Plant

Power Distribution

Rails and Roadways

Slum Mapping